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Soul Circles for a New Education
For teachers, parents & mentors.

Engage in a lively, moderated exploration of what a nature-centered, soul-inspired education could mean for you & the children.

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California Teachers College

Nature-Centered  |  Soul-Inspired  |  Education


This is a place to be inspired by new perspectives

  • re-ignite your passion for your vocation

  • revitalize your teaching

  • reinvigorate your life’s work


The Mission of the California Teachers College is to 

foster soulful educators who actively create a more intelligent, compassionate and eco-centric world.


California Teachers College is establishing a center for reimagining education through extensive and far-reaching discussions with thought leaders, through self-reflection, and through experiential courses. Masters candidates will explore their inner lives and discover how their own unique gifts can impact the educational experience they offer.


A new education can be created that brings more joy, less classroom management and more learning. It is within the school community that an ecological, cultural and spiritually sound world can be created.


We are a part of the current international movement to dramatically change how we educate the world’s children. It is our sacred duty to secure the space for children’s growth into strength, beauty and truth.

College Opening

June 21, 2021

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